Message from Edna

Thank you for your interest in my blog and the Taubman work. It is wonderful to know this life-changing information is reaching so many people across the world through this medium. In light of the Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium at Princeton, I will be taking a break from the blog for a couple of months. When I return, I am going to open up the blog to your questions as to what you would most like to be seen, and I will endeavour to answer the most pressing issues in subsequent months.

All my best,


Edna Golandsky discusses Chopin Etude Op. 10 no 8


Edna Golandsky discusses excerpts from Chopin Etude Op. 25 no 6 and Op. 25 no 1 (Skype lecture)

Edna Golandsky decodes Chopin Op. 10 no 1 (Skype lecture from the Taubman Approach in Australia weekend workshop)

Golandsky Institute Yamaha Spring Workshop 2016: Edna with Hugo Bermudez.

Golandsky Institute Spring Teacher Training at Yamaha: Jin Jeon Bach Partita no 5

Golandsky Institute Yamaha Spring Workshop 2016: Measuring the in and out Mozart K333

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